Designing The Future

Our mission

How can we achieve a post-scarcity world that addresses long-standing problems such as hunger, poverty, war, pollution and climate change, and sets a new stage for human social development? By utilizing science and technology for the benefit of people and nature. And by evolving our outdated cities into highly automated, interconnected systems with a closed-loop economy.

Implementation includes raising awareness, educating and creating the necessary demand in society, as well as working on ways to establish research institutes and test sites, promote mass automation, and use of AI to replace jobs and transform current production/consumption model.

To achieve our goals, we use the ideas first described by the famous futurist Jacque Fresco, which he called Resource Based Economy, and was widely promoted by the organization The Venus Project (until 2018) and a number of social movements and initiatives, including ours.

We are committed to the principles of openness, scientific approach, rational thinking and acting independently of political influences and national boundaries.

Now we will be directly involved in the construction of smart cities

We getting a partnership in the practical realization of a smart city / test site, as well as great opportunities! We have to start a […]

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Organizing a successful movement

Our team was formed in 2011 and at the peak there were more than 60 groups in cities in more than 8 countries, and each […]

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With the observable fact that scientific knowledge makes our lives better when applied with concern for human welfare and environmental protection, there is no question that science and technology can produce abundance so that no one has to go without.
Jacque Fresco

Let’s keep the direction

Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project gained worldwide recognition with a futuristic vision of a future based on science and the latest technology that could become a reality. People all over the world supported the ideas and organized movements, groups, organizations (like ours). All of this created momentum and helped create a demand in society for these changes.

But since 2020s, thanks to the new directors, the ‘The Venus Project’ organization and its new program deny the likelihood of achieving this, rewriting the new program on top with the same names, undermine the credibility of science and medicine, prepare for an apocalypse based on conspiracy theories of oil shortages, and talk about the need for a rollback in the way of life, the social system, and even technology. Its build up now on scarcity and solution is a network of eco-villages, and the salvation ark for some that will be their new planned city in the desert…

— No, thanks. Let’s maintain the original direction set by Jacque Fresco and move on!

Is all lost?

It was naive to rely on one single organization for such a global undertaking, which has failed us many times already. Now we have to combine all our efforts and do everything as it should be done, taking this responsibility upon ourselves .

We have the direction, as well as the knowledge, we have quite feasible projects, many groups, organizations and hundreds of groups and pages in social networks, as well as the necessary experience: from organizing an international decentralized movement, promotion, publishing books and working with the mass media, conducting interviews and creating media materials, to actual projects and participating in official events.

We organized and negotiated the building of the city of the future with, then still alive, Jacque Fresco – and there is still an influential group that wants to move in the proposed direction. Our partner has already organized a high-level international experience exchange club for real players in this field, and has plans to build new smart cities and develop this field to Jacques’ proposed level.

And this is just one of the possibilities! We have every chance to do it the way it was needed. Our plan

With a modest budget, we are making a real difference.
Join, support, and let’s design our future together!
The “New Beginnings” Crowdfunding:

Jacque Fresco’s archived lectures – promised, but where are they?

An article on preserving the legacy of Jacque Fresco turned into an investigation into the cloudy stories of money and corruption at The Venus Project. […]

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“The Great Simplification” in The Venus Project

The Venus Project has already begun to teach about the “Overshoot” of humanity. I don’t know how to describe the term, but it means, “We’ve […]

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Why hasn’t the movie about Jacques Fresco, The Man of Tomorrow, by Nathanael Dinwiddie come out?

One of the key Board of Directors for The Venus Project organization is now Nathanael Dinwiddie, who got his seat back in 2018. Were you […]

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New NGO for Jacque Fresco’s major motion picture and virtual reality city

Non-profit organization “The Choice Is Ours” has an ambitious goal – to make a full-length sci-fi feature film about humanity’s transition to the resource-based economy […]

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Your support matters

Do you like our content and would like to see more? Do you support the ideas of Jacque Fresco and the original The Venus Project […]

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Why create a new movement? What about The Venus Project Movement?

The Venus Project movement completely dissolved in 2023, in secrecy, without announcing to the public, like so much else (see screenshot below). And by the […]

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Organizing a successful movement

Our team was formed in 2011 and at the peak there were more than 60 groups in cities in more than 8 countries, and each […]

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