What’s the Plan?

Production team

This is a first step: a well-developed media component will help build and sustain an effective movement around the world, as well as gaining more recognition for the Jacque Fresco’s ideas and proposals, and opens the opportunities to move forward with the main direction.

Your support will help us to build a professional production team to produce publicly available materials: articles, books, videos, podcasts, interviews, documentaries, animations and run educational courses. All of this is in English, Russian, Ukrainian and additional localization will be expanded according to the possibilities. We already have experience and developed channels, the largest of which is 1.5 million subscribers.

The expected salary of the specialist will be about $400-$500/month. You can choose to take care of all or a part of it by signing up for monthly contributions and thus adding a specialist to our team. 4-7 specialists can make up an effective, results-oriented production team that it will be able to reach self-sufficiency within 1-2 years.

Help us develop a professional, results-oriented team:


A clear and accessible media base, as well as full openness, decentralization and support – can breathe life into an international movement and contribute to accelerated growth. We will see the formation of teams around the world, as well as organizations and individual initiatives that come together to achieve a shared goal. With that we’ll be able to work through multiple options on how we can arrive at our goal.

We already have a successful experience of organizing a movement that at its peak numbered more than 60 cities in 7 countries. The biggest shortcoming was the lack of full-time professionals to moderate and mentor, as well as the groups also needed funding to start more activities or organize bigger events.

We have the experience of organizing groups by countries and cities, or individual initiatives, and are more than happy to pass on our experience, and organize a system of support, training and moderation.

We will inspire teams to be self-sufficient and formalize into NGOs and other organizations, and, moreover, we will have the opportunity to apply our contacts in the venture capital to support startups that are heading in a desired direction for a better future.

Learn, meet others, join or create projects, attend events:

Work Hub

Once we reach 10-15 professionals in the team, we will start developing the Work Hub, which can be a demonstration tourist center as well as a home and office for the team.

We will engage with the local authority, looking forward to assistance and grants for this project as it will have a positive impact on tourism, the development of the area and will provide jobs for local people. It could be one of many countries, but it will be a developed and easily accessible location. One of the options was to buy out the empty hotel, or get it from the government at a huge discount. Another option would be to build futuristic concept buildings.

Before the Russian-Ukrainian war we had already started to implement this step by moving 3 workers to Turkey – at that time we had a budget of 3-5k dollars per month, which we almost completely lost because of the war.


We will work in parallel on this direction, with the aim of influencing the vision and the very concept of evolution of the smart cities, to be part of it and to get the completed projects.

In 2014-2017, we were in negotiations to build the city, following Jacques Fresco’s proposals when he was still alive. Potential investors already wanted to build a smart city, but they were inspired by Jacques’ ideas and flew to Venus twice. These investors are from the venture capital world, IT startups, and an entire team with visible influence in the European business and political arena. We keep in touch with them and and we had a meeting recently in London, where we discussed plans in a circle of 10 people, including a Forbes journalist.

They have recently organized a smart city exchange club, and have already held conferences in Europe and the United States with participants from completed and planned smart cities, with measures from cities such as London and New York. You’ll know the details soon when we agree a plan with them.

What’s next?

By the time we reach this stage, we will have done a lot to achieve our goals. This will be a new stage of development and possibilities: we will have a professional, credible, self-sufficient international organisation, a developed and numerous movement, and the possibility to plan, participate and implement even more ambitious projects that will benefit all of humanity, bringing us closer to the high-tech post-scarcity world described by Jacque Fresco.

If by that time we do not achieve the organization of a specialized research center with good funding, capabilities, and a test site for new type of cities – then that is exactly what we will do, not forgetting the further popularization of the proposals and educating people.

How long will it take? – That depends on the efforts and combined capabilities of each of us.