With the observable fact that scientific knowledge makes our lives better when applied with concern for human welfare and environmental protection, there is no question that science and technology can produce abundance so that no one has to go without.
Jacque Fresco

Will you join us?

Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project gained worldwide recognition with a futuristic vision of a future based on science and the latest technology that could become a reality. People all over the world supported the ideas and organized movements, groups, organizations (like ours). All of this created momentum and helped create a demand in society for these changes.

(!) But since 2020s the ‘The Venus Project’ organization and its new program deny the likelihood of achieving this, rewriting the new program on top with the same names, undermine the credibility of science and medicine, prepare for an apocalypse based on conspiracy theories of oil shortages, and talk about the need for a rollback in the way of life, the social system, and even technology. Its build up now on scarcity and solution is a network of eco-villages, and the salvation ark for some that will be their new planned city in the desert…

— No, thanks. Let’s maintain the original direction set by Jacque Fresco and move on!

Is all lost?

It is reckless to rely on one organization in this global endeavor. Yes, we have made a big mistake in believing this. A huge number of people may feel deeply betrayed, taken advantage of and discarded, and their labor and monetary support disposed of for the exact opposite purposes.

There is still a chance to open Roxanne Meadows’ eyes to what is really going on, and of what the directors she trusted have gotten the organization into, and then the work could be put back on track, but in a very different way. But that’s unlikely. But whoever wants to try – please do!

Now we should combine all our efforts and do everything we have wanted to see from The Venus Project in all these years, and take responsibility.

We have experience, we have knowledge, we have the direction, and we have projects underway and a number of groups, organizations, and hundreds of social media groups and pages. From organizing an international decentralized movement, to publishing books and media, radio and TV interviews, to real projects, and participation in official events with significant impact on the field of smart cities.

Since 2014 we have been negotiating about building a city, with Jacque Fresco when he was still alive, and there is still this influential group that wants to go in the proposed direction, where our partner has already organized an experience exchange club for real players in the field and has plans to build new cities and develop the sphere.

And this is just one of the possibilities! We have every chance to do it the way it was needed. – So what’s the plan?

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