The “New Beginnings” Crowdfunding

“A world without politics, poverty and war” – Jacques Fresco’s ideas and proposals could change our world beyond anything we recognize. The best chance for this is to unite our efforts today, for the sake of a better future.

Let’s support and implement Jacque Fresco’s ideas!

To complete Stage 1:

Step 1. Covering an budget shortfall of ~$500/month to keep us afloat. Calculated on a month-by-month basis as the main goal. Resets on 27th.

Core budget

Step 2. 2000 USD – initial fund, will help to focus on the project, attract assistance and improve productivity. Launch channels in English and additional channels in Russian and Ukrainian, websites, articles, new materials and reviews, more live streams.

Basic fund

Step 3. Expanding the full-time team with professionals in their field! Monthly subscriptions or a budget reserve over and above previous goals of $400-500/month per 1 position: writer-director, video editor, translator, social media editor.

Extra hands (1)

Since the sources are different – the counters will be updated manually once a day or every few days

“The Venus Project” gave up original ideas, but at the same time took away the names and the platform to bring people together. We will have to start anew, combining efforts and opportunities, developing this as a public effort, a global movement with publicly available and easily understandable materials – finding ways to implement and push the boundaries of what is possible, rather than focusing on obstacles or conspiracy theories.

And we need to walk this path step by step: from the creation of new materials, books and films, the formation of a new movement, to the real influence on the world agenda, and the direction of the world development, with the construction of research institutes – and, as a result, to highly automated self-sufficient cities, the transition to a post-scarcity economy, through the intelligent use of technology, resources, the potential of humanity.

And this time, we will be able to do it the way it was intended: without the limitations, uncertainties, and artificial obstacles that The Venus Project has placed in our way, that have several times almost completely destroyed our work, our projects, our movement, and our hard-won reputation, significantly holding back our progress.

Each of you will have the opportunity to make your own contribution, from a small contribution of support, sponsorship, or volunteering, to shaping your life’s work.

Find out more in the General Plan…

If we succeed in getting funding for this basic stage secured – we can move on to forming a new movement and focusing on the implementation of Jacques Fresco’s original proposals: the next stages include building the Work Hub and project-oriented work in the field of smart cities, where we already have the leads and partners who share our views.

It seems that we are the only ones in the whole world who understand the value of these ideas, can see a path to their realization, and can do something about it by presenting an alternative direction for humanity in a better light, defending the reputation of Jacque Fresco and his original proposals.

Are you with us?

  • New posts, reviews, news and investigation reporting on a regular basis
  • More podcasts and direct communication with you, interviews and invited guests
  • Launch of new thematic channels, including English channels
  • Improving the website and other platforms where you can find and join a circle of like-minded people
  • Creation of a range of professional publicly available core materials: books, videos, documentaries, educational series and standalone courses.
  • Forming a subculture with a sciencepop focus and a renewed reputation, where you will be at the very root of things.
  • A separate chat for sponsors
  • We will have you mentioned in one way or another, depending on your contribution, on the website, live streams, and in new materials!
  • At we will present an alternative to Netanael Dinwiddie’s “Jacques Fresco Foundation” (which he promised a long time ago, but has not even launched yet). There we will show Jacque Fresco’s ideas in action, showing their scope and impact on society, rather than as a museum for outdated thoughts.
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Revolut / Apple Pay – Transfer from any card around the world. Subscription option available via Revolut app (referral link)

PayPal – Contribution / subscription

Buy me a coffee – Contribution / subscription

USDT (TRC-20): TCkYv447jhfjsRKwAdkmau1qLn5g8YY8Td


If you help make us…

1 step – you will help us get through this period.

2 steps – you’ll help accelerate development and improve focus on production, content release.

all 3 steps – you will not only help us, but also create the foundation for a great production team, which in the nearest future will be able to become self-sufficient

This will complete the first stage of the main Plan, and allow us to move on to forming a comprehensive proposal in the form of an action program, as well as our books, documentaries, and the launch of an extensive public campaign and a new global movement, formalizing the ideas being promoted through physical projects and meaningful partnerships.

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