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“Our Ticket to the Real Game: smart cities and a business trip to New York City!” crowdfunding

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Revolut / Apple Pay – Transfer from any card around the world. Subscription option available via Revolut app (referral link)

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USDT (TRC-20): TCkYv447jhfjsRKwAdkmau1qLn5g8YY8Td


What’s the plan?

Your support will help us to build a professional production team to produce publicly available materials:articles, books, videos, podcasts, interviews, documentaries, animations and run educational courses. All of this is in English, Russian, Ukrainian and additional localization will be expanded according to the possibilities.

A clear and accessible media base, as well as full openness, decentralization and support – can breathe life into an international movement and contribute to accelerated growth. We will see the formation of teams around the world, as well as organizations and individual initiatives that come together to achieve a shared goal.

Once we reach 10-15 professionals in the team, we will start developing the Work Hub, which can be a demonstration tourist center as well as a home and office for the team.

We will work in parallel on this direction, with the aim of influencing the vision and the very concept of evolution of the smart cities, to be part of it and to get the completed projects.

More details is on the Plan page