Our public dialogue with The Venus Project organization board of directors.

Statement from The Venus Project board of directors (direct link): 

Our answer to that with the clear points of concerns (direct link):  

We were promised answers to these points of concern as they allegedly became more pronounced and structured… 

But we have been waiting for answers for a 6 month now! 

In the meantime, The Venus Project and their partners have begun to cover their tracks, redesigning websites, issuing missing crowdfunding reports (most likely fictional), and increasingly hiding their true plans. It got to the point where they started looking for lawyers and conflict resolution specialists in their email newsletter.

Nate’s and Simon’s Blackmail 

Nate’s blackmail storm started before I start to write down all this investigation document, right out of the blue after when I tried to warn the team I was invited in (Venus Arantas planned TVP city) about one of the participant – Jeremiah Jersey and his ‘The Thorium Network’ (TTN) that has tons of red flags and looks much like a fraud, and I made a detailed investigation and presented it with this doc: Jeremiah Josey | The Thorium Network | MECi Group | AAA and Sons . Simon Michaux cut the conversation and blackmailed me with the slander suit (it was the 1st one) – you can read it down below.

I didn’t understand such a strong reaction. And I didn’t receive any rebuttal or practical debate about my reasonable concerns based on the public records, just the brute force and blackmail.

You can find blackmail quotes and screenshots in the end of the document: 

Dialogs on the Discord server

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1) The Death of Jacque’s Fresco The Venus Project
Very illustrative of how the board of directors and the closer team responds to criticism or ignoring questions in this thread.

2) TVP board of directors public Statement
Here TVP made a statement and promised to respond, but still haven’t after almost a month.

3) Regarding Transcriptions completion
A breakdown of the crowdfunding report that appeared shortly after our critique.