The Venus Project’s 1 million dollar crowdfunding for Simon Michaux!

The first interview in which Jacque Fresco’s ideas and work are in the past tense, and you can tell they’re not really doing it anymore: “We’ve spent the last few years learning about the constraints that keep us from achieving a Resource-Based Economy (RBE), and what a transition to that paradigm might look like. We have the development of these ideas in mind and will be working with partners on them.”

The directors of The Venus Project claims that RBE vision used to be a global approach, but not now: “We’ve started to look at it as a localized economy. The Venus Evolution is working on the transition. Many groups are developing their approaches, we are working with those groups or trying to.”

This interview, in over a month, has only been viewed by 100 people. It’s amazing how they don’t already talk about it on all their channels. What’s the reason for keeping it from the public?

Roxanne Meadows and Nathanael Dinwiddie are giving a rare interview

Nathanael Dinwiddie adds: “We can’t rely on wind and solar anymore, especially on a global scale. Thorium reactor and geothermal, ammonia engine – is our future.” – Supporting the narrative about the low efficiency of renewable energy, and the ubiquitous corporate conspiracy to promote solar and wind power to distract attention. This has been mentioned on podcasts by their new senior advisor and leader of the whole endeavor, Simon Michaux.

The Venus Project wants to raise 1 million dollars through crowdfunding to build a remote city in the desert. But wait, turns out that’s going for travel costs and to convincing people to invest most of the money (which is $10 billion by the way) – so not for the construction itself. They want to “catch the Big Fish”. Simon Michaux has mentioned it more than once on podcasts: “Crowdfunding will help me get out of work and catch Big Fish”. What are the chances of this to succeed and where are the guarantees?

And it looks like crowdfunding has been planned for a long time, and it’s about to start.

Let’s note that to start with crowdfunding would be an obvious outlaw! The supportive audience still has the image presented by Jacque Fresco and the original The Venus Project in their minds because of decades of presenting ideas through lectures, interviews, books and movies. What was done to bring these people up to date? Absolutely nothing. The new ideas and suggestions differ in significant ways, you can read about this on Insider’s chapter on this website, where we have notes from Simon Michaux’s podcasts.

Then Nathanael Dinwiddie went on to justify that they’ve been accused of moving away from Jacques’ ideas, and that it’s hard to get along with individual groups and people, but they’re trying: “These people are fulfilling their needs, but we’re not interested and we don’t need that anymore.”

But like Nate says, The Venus Project is a vision. So please leave the original names and the website behind the original ideas put forth by Jacques Fresco – and that will clear up any misunderstandings and disagreements. Allow those who want to continue on the path to follow it, not put up obstacles.

So.. what impressions does this almost exclusive interview, which was done for the first time in 4 years, leaves you with? Avoiding specifics and discussing topics vaguely without mentioning names, titles, or details: responses lacked depth and failed to provide substantial information. Such an answers leaves us with much more questions.

And final word from Nate: “Get you ready for Metacrisis and Polycrisis!” (whatever that means)

Looking forward to more interviews!

Interview, January 17, 2024: