All 2 companies of a key partner of The Venus Project, with whom they were planning to build a desert city in Peru, were simultaneously shut down by court order (1, 2) for failing to file reports for the entire 3 years of the companies’ existence. And this was the creation of a clone of the previously bankrupt company that failed to pay its obligations, which was in fact another clone of the previous company, judging by the date of registration of their website.

We are talking about The Thorium Network and MECi Group. You can still find The Thorium Network in the partner block on The Venus Project website, in a Facebook repost to The Venus Project’s group “The Thorium Newsletter” where they talk about working closely together to build the city.

It was our investigation of the fraudulent trails of Jeremiah Josey, a director of these companies, and his entire chain of shell companies, including a fake oil and gas company, that started the most tension with The Venus Project’s board of directors, with Simon Michaux promising to sue for slander, twice.

It seems it was our research-including on The Venus Project’s secret plans – that delayed the crowdfunding for City in the Desert that we kept a lot of The Venus Project and Jacque Fresco fans out of trouble. Or have we not yet?

What excuse will they come up with this time?