“The Great Simplification” in The Venus Project

The Venus Project has already begun to teach about the “Overshoot” of humanity. I don’t know how to describe the term, but it means, “We’ve overdeveloped to the point where the planet can’t take it.” What’s the solution, you might ask. – a return to a more simpler way of life, past technology, eco-villages and so on. That’s what’s being promoted on that podcast channel appropriately titled “The Great Simplification”.

The framing of the question and the very term suggests keeping things the way they are, but going backwards in many ways (including population numbers, by the way) instead of optimizing with technology, AI, and the evolution of the social system that The Venus Project had previously proposed, which the directors abandoned after convincing Roxanne to do so, largely by getting her hooked on podcasts and literature from the preppers and eco-village community.

An eye-opening exploration into the complexities of human overshoot. This podcast delves deep into the pressing issues facing our planet today. A must-listen for anyone passionate about sustainability and the future of our world

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