The Venus Project is no longer has a clear proposal and plan, but rather countless options

In this interview, Nathanael Dinwiddie and Theofilos Chaldezos, the new directors of The Venus Project, admitted that The Venus Project’s vision and plans are defined and limited by what they have found on the Internet. And it is constantly changing. Why is there no specificity in what they say? – Because the New The Venus Project no longer has a clear proposal and plan, but rather options, and there are countless options, and each option has its own sub-options, and approaches, and possible futures, and everyone can find their own option to like-but they have to work under the guidance of these same directors.

This interview confirms our research with direct official responses. Jacques Fresco’s “The Venus Project” really doesn’t exist anymore and it’s all considered “obsolete” in favor of eco-villages, permaculture, local self-sufficiency, and Nate and Simon Michaux’s vision of a conspiracy theories in science and energy, in preparation for the coming “apocalypse” or as they call it, Polycrisis.

Nathanael Dinwiddie
Nathanael Dinwiddie

Every other sentence they convince us that they haven’t deviated from Jacques Fresco, but it felt like a search for excuses with quotes taken out of context rather than a matter-of-fact explanation.

As Nate says, “The new The Venus Project, it’s just another level of abstraction, of a higher order than Jacques.” The transformation into a philosophy club is becoming more and more pronounced. You can now spend months arguing about things that don’t exist and never will, going through endless options and sub-options. Leaving the role of judge to the directors.

Simon Michaux (as well as his non-peer-reviewed, 3 year old, study) is highly praised and talked about as a defining piece of work for the new The Venus Project! … – well, Simon’s podcasts expose the pseudoscience, conspiracies, and flimsy research in their plans. Perhaps by emphasising uncertainty and many options, there is a desire to hide the real plan they are working on now with Simon Michaux, which is uncomfortable for the established public on whose support and donations they depend.

Read our research to find out the details. Two and a half months after this document was published, we still haven’t seen any responses from Nate. Why? There are only their own quotes there, and what can be denied in their own words?

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