The secret plans of The Venus Project organization

Simon Michaux – our insider who publicly shares uncomfortable secret information and plans of The Venus Project’s organization.

Since the death of Jacques Fresco, The Venus Project has announced almost nothing, communicated with the public in almost no way, and hidden behind a screen of non-disclosure agreements. I can only show you what has already been released to the public – and Simon Michaux himself will tell you all about it much better. The following is a collection of notes from Simon Michaux’s presentations where he richly describes what he is working on with Natanael Dinwiddie (Vice-President of the Venus Project Board of Directors, living at The Venus Project for 9 years, initiator of The Venus Project’s change of course). 

It will often be in the first person – remember, this is the direct notes, and it is taken from Simon Michaux’s words, and I have written down a few points worth noting, my notes are in brackets. You’ll find additional materials at the end of the document – this will help you to brush up on this whole mystery and look at it holistically (see table of contents). Keep this whole context in mind when you hear about the new plans for The Venus Project, familiar terms, and the planned “city”. 

By the way, I will be happy to answer your questions on the podcast or in the comments under it, as I have no secrets from you.

Let’s try to dive into it all! Let’s jump in!

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Theo, who is on the board of directors of The Venus Project, recommends this video: “Great presentation from Simon Michaux on what we are planning to do” 

Taken from here: #215  The Promethian Project: Building a Radical Tomorrow with Dr Simon Michaux 

Significant events are coming in a couple of years. There is a chain of so many bad events going on and no one knows what to do – the bad guys (shadow government) are holding on to this system. Super Ameba is our industrial system for the planet, we are just destroying it. What was taboo 2-3 years ago – now we can talk seriously about these topics with conspiracy theories in mind.

About the Awakening and the Awakened.

Simon lived for a long time in Mount Tamborine, Australia, where it turned out there were a lot of awakened people, usually called “hippies”. You can talk about many different topics on the internet – and it provides a lot of opportunities. Generation Z – 40% spend money on prepperism (survival preparation).

The veil of secrecy is lifted and we see scary information. A “Correction” is coming – the entire fiat currency will collapse, we are in for a Reset with devastating consequences and everyone realizes it. A soft landing is only planned for some. China, and the U.S. already know everything, know that their economy will fall. There is information from China that they are ready to press the red button to make everything go to hell – the output will be a completely different civilization. How the population is planned to be reduced: the Han Dynasty is the main one, then the population of China, and then the rest of the population: the plan is to reduce the population to 1 billion – yes! You have your answer in the Club of Rome reports in the 70s. What can we do about it?

The depopulation program is three streams running in parallel:

Increased mortality from chronic diseases, cancer. 10, 20 years from now, they’ll see what works best. They set it all in motion, and few can point to the cause. Toxins, pesticides cause it. The rich don’t live near us, they choose special places where they will be safe as we live in places that are bad for us. The earth is so pesticide laden that it’s deadly to let children walk on it.

The West will try to grab what it can, and the Chinese will watch from the sidelines as the West destroys itself.  They (probably China) are sponsoring 20 fertilizer programs and seeing what works best (probably meaning in terms of population reduction).

Great reset on the World Economic Forum, Schwab – they want to put everyone in high density cities, under great behavioral control and oppression, with no rights and no prospect of getting out. Smart cities are an electronic concentration camp.

The rich don’t get screened at airports – they just get on private planes with their suitcases. They hide a lot and live their lives that we know little about.

The transition to renewable energy is a big hoax. States are doing nothing. We are being led around by trick, and in the end when there is nothing to show for it, they will present it as a plan and ask us to keep quiet: we come to the edge of the feast, the veil lifts and … sorry – there was no plan. And now there will be nothing left to do but take tough action.

The mass media – a talking head, probably AI-generated, will not be my decree. I’ll only believe what I see from my window. We are entering an era where each of us must follow our own inner understanding of what is real and what is not: use your inner intuition.   (which is roughly how the flat-earthers explain their position).

What comes from the media is the fear to control you. “Fear is your God. Bend down, and pray!”. The conscious brain will wonder what is behind it. Awakening is when everyone starts thinking for themselves instead of letting others think for them (note, meaning separate from official institutions, official science, etc.). And then we will start to have solutions to “what to do about it”.

We need multiple tribes where everyone thinks differently. Discussing how the world works has always been a taboo.

Ascension (the next stage after Awakening). That’s the wording I got from RPG games. To quote Jacques, “This shit got to go.” What are we going to do with it, in the midst of the mess. Build a new world: where there is love, respect. (and a couple other buzzword slogans). 

With a podcast like this, we help people start thinking – that’s a success.  If we take a revolutionary idea, we put it to good use. It’s not being told to everyone around us. There’s a kind of “Wild Wild West” of ideas coming. Primitive cultures will help us learn to live in harmony with nature. The aboriginal Willy who filled up my car in the mining town: “The white man doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, but pain is a good teacher.” We are beginning to return to what we have long since written off (pseudo-scientific ideas and former ways of life, forgotten social systems of the Middle Ages).

During the Renaissance – there was an “Invisible Secret Institution” where all ideas are tried, any idea. Read what was written in the 15th century. We have to go down this same path – run into the door of death, and no longer have the luxury of complacency.(the death door is the wording from a couple of sci-fi pseudo-documentary books, “Life After Fossil Energy”, and “When Trucks Stop Driving”, that formed the basis for this prepper movement that believes in Peak Oil and Peak Everything, more on that below). Why do I have to be nice and polite to the other person? When everything is collapsing – you need as many people as possible around the world with different ideas.

Many parallel systems will emerge after the collapse.

Ascension is not an one-moment process. For some it’s sooner, for some it will be too late. Veterans want to live in a quiet house with family (meaning that’s where happiness should be) and our own generation wants more every year – we need to change that.

Simon defines labels for types of people in the future: those who disagree with their vision are the cornocopians, the plunderers are the Vikings, the preppers (eco-communities and survivalists) are the ones who hold the world together, and the Arcadians (that’s what they’re planning with The Venus Project) are the ones who preserve the remnants of civilization and plan for generations to come.

I must realize that I’m upsetting a multi-trillion dollar industry, and meeting resistance, it’s a wonder I’m still alive. But my critics can’t stop me.

Coming up next, a presentation on thorium reactors

— Simon constantly tells untruths about thorium reactors, e.g. that there are already commercially available in China, quoting fake news from the Thorium Network website (because if you look at the primary sources – in June 2023 the institute in China only got permission for the first load, and the official first test run will be in 2024, introduction into commercial use in 10-20 years). Claims that a thorium reactor produces 200 times more energy per ton than a uranium reactor, and only 1-5% radiation. (does not match statements from Wikipedia, which claims that thorium was scrapped because it gave less energy than uranium – also not clear if other figures are correct). Then Simon answers why switching to these reactors will not solve the problem – because they will not be able to supply as much as they need as quickly (and here it is not clear again, why roll back civilization to primitive levels, if sooner or later it will be possible to build a network of nuclear reactors, if the sun and wind are as bad as Simon claims). They mentioned the Rolls Royce modular reactors – but they’ve already curtailed their program because it didn’t justify the calculations, and the cost of insurance on nuclear facilities is astronomical, and they’re not that small – these are as big as two stadiums.

Toyota ammonia engines (need to check how much of the claims are true) – Simon is trying to convey the benefits, but doesn’t understand everything. Installed on conventional engines. “This is a death sentence for electric cars.” (most likely fake news, or drawn out, as ammonia is far from the safest)

Simon opposes Wind and Solar, emphasizes that there are battery issues, and needs a buffer. A lot of resources would be needed. Hydro, geo-thermal, wave energy – limited use. Nuclear reactors not widely distributed. Burning metal shavings.

We’ll be involved in a process of degradation – reverse growth or Degrowth. In terms of technology, population and everything. Humanity has overshot above capacity with fossil fuel energy.

The Prometheus Project with the Venus Project. Simon presented 200 times, a third of them to government related, three different reactions: shock, couldn’t refute, passed me on. Ideas so controversial – that people don’t accept them the first time. Everyone asks, looking me straight in the eye – what do we do about it? I’m no smarter than anyone else, but it just so happens to be what I’ve come to. We cannot launch this in our system – it has to develop outside the developed world, outside Western Civilization. We have to start from scratch.

6 different places we have to choose from. The most promising one in South America (that one in Peru from other presentations). We’re going to build an innovation hub.

1:27:00 Venus evolution – the evolution of The Venus Project. My work is merging with this, just as The Venus Project is merging with my work. Permaculture. Harald Sverdrup. Let’s create an ethical and strong society. Let’s accept our past without regrets, deal confidently with the present, and face the future without fear. A new social contract.

When we start this – people may turn their backs on us. (I wonder why that would happen?). So we need to develop the medical part to a higher level than for 10,000 people (the planned population of the town of Venus Arantas, as discussed in other presentations). Let’s try to make it easier to work with us than to invade us to conquer. The key to survival is to share energy. Simon will be in charge(CEO) until the transition into the society, then resign for a democratically elected government, and go to work on the next project. “Let’s make it so that if I get hit by a bus or abducted by aliens, things develop as they did with me.”

“I want everything to feel like Sacred Femininity collaborated with Sacred Masculinity.” Council of Elders – gather spiritually and philosophically awakened, socially and media conscious people from around the world and put them in one conference, feed them and let the ideas flourish, do this every year. Like a shaman from the Amazon jungle, Native American elders – anyone we can reach. Let’s learn from them.

For example, agriculture, we need to ban chemical fertilizers and GMOs. And we will invite to the round table all those who are engaged in permaculture and organic farming, environmentalists, but also existing agrarians.

The Prometheus Institute – orthodox ideas and methodologies in one place. (in the 4th podcast outline – more details with slide) We need to reinvent the production system.

I’m writing a book called The New Electricity (about pseudoscientific energy sources and perpetual motion machines).

While I was writing my research (which The Venus Project took as a major study in terms of having to move away from Jacque Fresco’s original program) – I found all these orthodox ideas (pseudoscientific energy sources) and (1:49:00) management made me take it out of the study. I was told, “We’re in the geologic research field, and we’re already taking a risk by publishing this study — it’s already crazy, so chill out.”

— It seems that the Geological Survey of Finland is a grant platform for researchers of all stripes to bring their personal conclusions and recommendations to the government’s desk. They tend to publish in peer-reviewed journals, but make no claims to veracity (Simon’s study has never been approved by anyone on the outside, but has already received a lot of criticism). How is Simon even still working at this institution at all, that is supposed to advise the government on which people’s tax money goes, constantly taking advantage of his reputation and meeting with politicians presenting his ideas, promoting conspiracy theories and his startup of a survivalist mining town with an institute for the study of pseudoscientific ideas.

Up next on the presentation.

Nikola Tesla. Energy of vibrations, frequencies and spectrum, transmission of electricity through the atmosphere over giant distances almost without loss. So we will be able to transmit electricity, for example to tankers in the oceans remotely, as an example cites wi-fi. Our problem today is 5G – it’s on the frequency, which affects human mental health. Plants grow differently under a router. Do we need to channel energy through the air – unlikely, but it helps to discover the essence of electricity. We’ll repeat old experiments with new equipment.

The Casimir effect. UFOs – I’m interested in what kind of energy system they have – as we don’t have all the cards on the table without it. Wallace Thornhill (collection of cosmological pseudoscientific theories) The “Electric Universe” theory – electrostatics, not gravity. So the idea is to put all the weird energy extraction ideas in one place, a lot of them theoretical, but we’ll try.

How to find funding for this? 1) Crowdsourcing for a few people who will go to venture capital, we need to raise 3-5 billion. Will be looking for an investor that wants to make history. Profit will come from a lot of things (employees are almost not paid in real money, work for an idea – probably that is the essence of profit)

Resource extraction will be microwaves from mining and smelter waste. Will be attractive to the researchers, promising them a nice chunk of profit. A plant will be built to recycle used tires. And everyone’s gonna rush to get thorium reactors.

— In addition, I would point out that Simon Michaux’s belief in conspiracy theories goes far beyond the ones mentioned, and includes Epstein’s Island (with pedo*il Democrats extracting adrenochrome, that’s where Trump on a white horse is supposed to save everyone from that cabal), 9/11, 5G, all around Covid, and who knows what else – all of which are prominently featured on the Facebook page, with posts of all kinds of memes mocking ordinary people who don’t believe in it all. Oh, and a post with a guillotine – what kind of social system is he going to build there? (see screenshots below)

2023/01 Peak Oil Chat with Simon Michaux, Peak Oil, Hawaii, Inflation, Billionaire Bunkers, Weather 

Peak Oil: 8 years of oil reserves left. And after that the Peak of everything (technology, inventions, opportunities, energy, minerals, wealth, population, etc.) will begin. It will be the collapse of civilization – there will be no more like before, and everything will roll back to the past centuries. Scavenger economies in cities, prepper settlements (survivalists) and eco-villages in post-collapse times.

Why not trust the IEA International Energy Agency? – is a private organization. They are governed by their own regulations and are not regulated by the government, and when it comes to the exact numbers – it turns out that their reports are useless. Simon thinks their job is to muddy the waters with money as Peak Oil is reached, to say that “Everything is OK.” (anything that doesn’t support Simon’s argument is a lie, and a conspiracy theory. A sampling of his sources is discussed further below).

The very institution of universities has begun to decline, and they can no longer be trusted. While we need engineers etc, we need people to know how to survive, fix things, grow their own food and make their own stuff. “You need to think outside the frames of something, as frames are not your friends.”

If you choose where to spend 100k dollars – on education or something else, it’s better to buy your own piece of land to secure your future. But leave loans out of it – with loans the government will squeeze you out of your land. Don’t get attached to anything — all you have is yourself. — And to top it all off, Simon shared that he’s divorced for the second time and his assets have been divided, he’s paying child support, and all he has left is a bunch of books, tools, and his ideas. (Be like Simon.)

We should go back to sailing ships, or some sort of hybrid with sail. Instead of trains and highways, river transportation like in the old days.

Simon is working through the options for a self-sufficient Hawaii – but they are all unviable for many reasons. In Hawaii, we will return to the way of life before the days when white settlers first landed on the coast, but at the same time try to retain some technology and energy system – but the question is for who or why. Should it be done? (Simon very romanticizes the ways of tribes and primitive civilizations)

Green transition won’t work (wind, sun). We need purple (thorium reactors, ammonia engines and burning metal shavings).

Simon doesn’t like inflation, remembers how he used to be able to buy the same products cheaper several times – everywhere you look, everywhere is deception and that’s shit. Ordinary people pay for everything, and all this price rising is a consequence of the real evidence of the approach to the edge of the abyss of Peak Oil and Peak Everything.

Russia is going back to the gold standard. Simon suggested going back to the old coins ( linked to gold) at some Finnish parliamentary session. And they say to him, “You can’t be serious about this, right?!” – Simon concludes that the topic is taboo.

Simon draws his information precisely from the “right people”. “You can’t trust official reports because they have the wrong figures”, “lots of tricks and distractions”, you can’t go into it yourself, you need “trusted people” to guide you through it (I wonder then what Simon based his 1000 page study on).

and recommends the following:

  • Energy Skeptics by Alice Friedemann
    (more like a science fiction writer who writes about the coming apocalypse almost in an artistic style – these books are one of the pillars of this movement “Life after fossil energy sources”, “When the trucks stop driving”)
  • Crash Course Peak Prosperity (an anti-vaccine YouTube channel with a bunch of related conspiracy theories that go very deep), Simon recommends their “Crash Course” to get into the topic.Crash Course 2.0 Series 
  • Art berman labyrinth consulting
    A British conservative politician?
  • Great simplification
    A podcast about the need to roll back to a simpler way of life, move to eco-villages, roll back technology, and the coming crisis (Peak Oil, Peak Everything) etc. Lots of guests with science degrees and people with their own books and personal research like Simon’s are invited, discussing all the theories that go along with their main course. (Nate’s favorite podcast.)

Talk about Tesla’s plans (Simon got very emotional and laughed). “I made that Ilon Musk!” – Simon said. Ilon says there are no problems with resource extraction, everything is fine, but he has no understanding of how extraction works, he went on to introduce another type of battery without lithium NMC 532, yet it has different metals and we have the same problems. (Simon is sure it’s all a corporate conspiracy.)

The IEA International Energy Agency seems to ignore me (Simon), but someone told me that they are there watching all my podcasts and following me, and may still be watching. And some of the reports trace back to my work. I think Ilon’s guys have come to the same conclusions I have.

Bunkers are for billionaires – they know about everything and are preparing, hoping to lay low for a year and a half, and then come out and rule over what remains. The bunker is limiting – the prepper community is better. In bunkers women stop menstruating as there is no moon influence, artificial insemination. We have many military bases underground. — Then came some hardcore conspiracy theories about alien civilizations living in these bunkers, reptiloids changing appearance and ruling the world, and alternate timelines, that we could live simultaneously, that we can be rescued by aliens just before we collapse in some of them, or reset (teleported to another planet or scattered to other new planets, starting the experiment all over again), aliens misled the Nazis by traveling through time, and things like that. “We’re living in a time of true-to-life sci-fi, it’s all really happening.”

Simon joined the prepper community a long time ago (20 years ago?), but couldn’t live in constant waiting for the End – you have to be flexible, adapt and try to influence the processes. (well he wrote his study on the impossibility of switching to renewables and does hundreds of presentations).  If there was a lot of money – Simon would buy himself a plot of land and do everything as it should be done. (But apparently after the divorces there was no money for that). Simon feels he has finally found the right path that he needs, with The Venus Project – with several billion dollars under his belt. (planning crowdfunding and raising investment) “We’re thinking hard about our city defense system, tactics, camouflage and things like that, I just don’t talk about it a lot.” (the very location of the city – far away from civilization, behind a mountain chain) The collapse will not happen at the same time all over the planet.

About a large population decline: “If we all act like lemmings, yes, that’s exactly what we’ll get.”

Simon is now trying to get the Club of Rome to include his study in their report. (Need we warn them?)

Simon Michaux was recently interviewed on Peak Prosperity:

In the first half, Simon talks about his research into the impossibility of switching to renewable energy.

Next, from the 2:08:00 mark, a piece about The Venus Project. Brief thesis:

The Venus Project is about another time, and right now we don’t have the resources to do it. We have undertaken to redesign their program, and this will be my best effort yet. The Venus Project was proposing a system with no money – that’s only possible in 20,000 years. Launching with The Venus Project in 2 weeks or a couple months – and we’ll start accepting donations right away. We plan to settle into a town and disappear for 10 years, and call it ” Jacques Rest” so we can come out with new deals for the rest of humanity.  (maybe it’s just a coincidence, but it ends up being about the same date as the apocalyptic AllatRa sect, where it’s the date of the end of the world, they also have the concept of “Green Zones” where you can survive the coming disasters).

We are taking a “use less” approach, reverse growth, less technology, return to ecology and farming, permaculture. We will be exploring orthodox energy (pseudoscientific) in the town, as well as thorium reactor technology.  About the techno-optimists – technology won’t save us, I would advise them, but it’s best to leave them alone – they will eventually freeze in the dark. We propose a new energy paradigm: growth backwards under a low energy society.

We are entering a harsh time. I need stubborn people on the team that will stand their ground and fight for their truth even to the detriment of their position. The money in our system is points or cryptocurrency within the city, providing what is needed + a second paycheck on a credit card where this money can be spent after 10 years of hermiting in the city.

Then there are the anti-vaccination topics, and the story about the professor who refused to take the vaccine. For Simon, it’s an indicator if a person refused vaccines from Covid – he needs people like that on his team. (and by the way, the channel where the interview is given is anti-vaccination, and released a lot of videos during that period). Simon is subscribed to that channel and has been following the updates for a long time.

Original video where this is all from: 

Simon Michax declassifies what orthodox (pseudo-scientific) types of energy are going to be explored in their joint city with the Venus Project “Venus Arantas”.

The planned Prometheus Institute will study (further I show what is behind these confusing

terms and names from the slides):

– The energy of Nikola Tesla , vibration energy, energy transfer through the atmosphere over long distances, energy from the atmosphere itself, death ray

– Technologies of Viktor Schauberger: vortex energy, water energy, perpetual motion machines, super-engines for UFOs in the service of the Nazis, etc.

– Electric Universe – a collection of pseudoscientific cosmological theories
  In short:    
  The article with a good description of how scientist prefer to be opposite the science because lack of success, by the end of their carrier, who didn’t pass the check of their beloved work (like Simon):

– Neutron Science – based on the concepts of Electric Universe, mixed with mysticism, intersection of parallel worlds and time, past lives and all that: 

– Zero point energy – vacuum energy, which theoretically explains the basics of quantum physics. But there is a far from scientific application of it, misleading by false scientificity, with manipulation of terms, new age and esotericism, examples:

Fractal Implosive Charge Collapse and Negentropy: The Future of Electrical Engineering – Dan Winter

Zero-point Energy Density and QET Protocol

– Water-powered car – most likely means something from the same opera, which is built on the stories about a Joe assembling a revolutionary device in his garage, and the government and corporations shut him down.

– and further along the slide.. with the hope of unraveling the mystery of the universe and finding the free inexhaustible energy of the ether

It is noteworthy that Simon Michaux believes that 5G affects people’s health. Also believes that UFOs have visited us and the government is hiding this technology.

The city will bring together radical thinkers, all orthodox proposals, and lift all restrictions on what can be studied. On the basis of this, they will redesign the entire civilization and set a new energy paradigm.

Simon talked to many people, and they told him, “No, no, no, you can’t talk about this seriously,” so he decided to found a settlement away from Western civilization.

Here and there notes of conspiracy theories and a new world order slip through the text. “The veil of mystery is being lifted – more and more people are seeing things as they really are. I call this Awakening! And the second stage after that is Ascension”

A global crisis is coming, and there are 4 types of people:

– Cornocopians. Those who do not believe us, they will defend the existing order until the very last minute and will not listen to us. Wave to them and goodbye.

– Vikings. In chaos, they will come to take away various things from you.

– Preppers (survivors) – those who prepare, create and will not allow civilization to fail in the dark ages

– Arcadians – understand that there are problems, and that we need to preserve what we can from our civilization by designing a new one, and this process will take 200 years. They work for great-great-great-grandchildren.

We are a generation of people who will have a harder time than the generation of the 2nd World War. We will move from states to decentralization. The village is a very powerful thing, where everyone knows and supports each other, we have forgotten the delights of communes.

Simon lists the dystopian novels “Animal Farm”, “1984”, “Brave New World” – as the upcoming stages of the formation of a new civilization that will flow one into another in exactly that order.

Well, in the end, he himself says that batteries can be made from different alloys (which calls into question his 1000-page study on the impossibility of switching to renewable energy).

—-Note. We haven’t seen a slide on medicine yet. If you have the opportunity, ask in more detail about what kind of medicine is planned in the city, and in this whole New Venus Project and send us a video. Think about whether you are ready to be treated with herbs, shamans and energy flows, like in the good old days… like 1000, 2000, or even 5000 years ago?

All this from this interview:–jh0 

The Venus Project will run a crowdfunding campaign for … for Simon Michaux to quit his job!

…After that, Simon will need to raise 3-5 billion to build the city of “Venus Arantas”. There are a couple of big fish to catch: investors and patrons who want to put their name on the story, but payback is also implied. The Venus Project is working on a media package to present this. (The Venus Project plans to go crowdfunding, without explaining to the public in advance the dramatic change in their course, program, and what they are now relying on – which raises a number of other questions about how much is right and legal).

The UN released a report on the viability of a renewable energy transition without including the Michaux report, as if it didn’t exist! “I know they are watching my work closely!”. But at the same time, Michaux is getting good support somehow, he himself doesn’t know how this happens (it’s not clear here what kind – does he get money? Contacts and interviews?). “I have been given the opportunity to work outside the established system. As long as I am allowed to do it – I will do it as productively as possible.”

Besides Michaux himself, he names 2 major figures on the team (possibly meaning Nate Dinwiddie from The Venus Project and Jeremiah Jorsey from The Thorium Network), 20 minor ones around the world. Expects that then the land donations will come in and they’ll make a network of their cities around the world – and they’ll all be supervised from the Venus Project research center, it’ll be the hub and should evolve into this. “We’re going to build an archive and a conference center there, maybe something else to get more people there.”

Michaux says that when there is land to go to – they will start with 50-100 people settlers, specifically mining operations. On paper at first it will be like a mining company with workers, but with a different form of money. “We’ll change the money, the relationship with it, we’ll change everything! Why did we need money 500 years ago? We’ll replace money with something from crypto-blockchain technology.” (possibly referring to Jeremiah Jorsey’s planned crypto (shit-)coin Torium and there’s also a similar coin for gold

Simon hopes to mine gold, which is found in the region in some form. The city will grow hemp and make a lot of useful things out of it, and there are problems with that in Westworld in terms of legislation.

In the context of The Venus Project’s transformation: instead of developing a proposal for All 8 billion people, it will work for like-minded people: “We see development up to 40-50 communes around the world of up to 100,000,000 people – all with different approaches and management.”

There are jokes about green technology. The responsibility for all humanity – is on eco-communities to show how to survive – in the call inspires the audience and speakers, giving them a sense of importance and commitment to the cause.

Schwab predicted the reboot. The internet will be cut off – so radio and messengers will be what will connect surviving cities around the world.

Simon was inspired by the TV series where the world collapsed and created a colony of intellectuals separate from the rest of the world so that the dark times would last much less, instead of 30,000 years, only 1,000 years – “Maybe that’s exactly what we’re doing?” – Simon suggested.

Desert all around for hundreds of miles from Venus Arantas – means fewer raids in the apocalypse. “We’re thinking now about what to do with people who want to break it up from the inside. We’re going to have prisons. We’re going to hire a security firm that will be on site from day one.”

Discussions went further without Michaux. About the need for a single religion to hold the commune together, and to get people on the same tune of their beliefs. Since keeping people with different beliefs in one place is fraught, and the colony will not be successful.

Presentation at the University of Florida (from Simon’s personal channel): 

Venus – you probably understand where it comes from. The name Arantas, if you just ask Google, takes us to the coast in Peru (a rocky desert far from civilization, without fresh water and with frequent earthquakes, the relief corresponds to the picture of the town, as well as the plan of the town from above from another presentation):  

Interesting points:

The entire first 4 minutes is a introduction of Simon Michaux’s merits

22:06 – A little spoiler about Jacque and TVP

25:26 – Thorium energy, links to The Thorium Network website

43:06 – Money (apparently in the new SP program):

1st option – commune “from each according to his ability”,

2nd option – money as it is now, or based on something, as a resource. Possibly hints cryptocurrency under gold/torium, as written on the “Torium Network” website (see In previous outlines for references).

53:54 – About The Venus Project program being recycled, adapting Simon’s work. Simon’s work is adapting the TVP (taking the term Resource-Based Economy and changing it to a localized “Resource-Balanced Economy”, and it’s funny that the abbreviation for both is the same: RBE).

54:42 – Venus Arantas: introducing the Venus Arantas Energy Research Center project ( fun fact that the Venus Project website has changed its slogan to “Developing Unconventional Energy Sources”).

1:01:00 – Technology needs to become simpler and more compact (but with overall simplification in mind: more primitive, low energy type).

1:02:00 – Already this year!… will try to raise money in different ways, and will be happy with any amount.

1:05:00 – How much population do we need on Earth? Simon’s colleagues say 1 billion, but he corrected that this calculation is out of date and takes into account better ecology and resources – the situation is much worse now. Further thought and there was a reply from Simon that he personally thinks the limit is 1/3 of today’s population (2.6 billion).

Simon Michax – he seemed to me at first to be quite a scholarly person who can be trusted…..

Reasoning and showing numbers, graphs, calculations and making big presentations with huge amounts of data. The Geological Institute of Finland, under whose banner Simon released a report on the impossibility of switching to renewable energy, essentially cemented my confidence, along with the prefixes on his degree (Assoc. Professor – which turned out to mean teacher in university, and lower than professor). As it happens, in a flood of information, it’s easier for the brain to give people more weight in their arguments by simply associating their image with regalia, an aura of scientific validity.

Oldest video on YouTube with Simon Michaux: “Developing a sustainable community/society”, published in 2013 – in video Simon’s presentation to a classroom audience (in other video from that day, when he introduces himself, he says that he mainly works as a teacher, has access to a couple of laboratories and was pursuing a degree in mining).

In his presentation Simon talks about the coming collapse of the system and the human civilization itself, that we have come to the very edge, quotes a book by preppers (survivalists), talks about the need to roll back to simpler technologies (those before 1930, before the invention of the transistor, and even before 1860), talks about, that it is necessary to create eco-villages, and he himself has an eco-commune where he likes to ride his horse with a cart and harvest crops (on the photo), and provides a plan of how it will look like, what spheres should be developed to preserve civilization, there are notes of conspiracy theories and shadow government (even right in the slides). There is also a mention of The Venus Project, which humanity will come to in perhaps 200 years, after building up a network of sustainable eco-settlements.

…But wait!

He said exactly what he said back in 2013, which he still says today, and his 1000 page study (see below) came much later, with little or no change in the ideas being promoted, the first part of which is always centered on “scientific validity” in the form of his own research, but now with a link to a government sponsored institution.

How unbiased was his study? More than a year into its existence, it has not been peer-reviewed or vetted by the rest of the scientific world, it has not been included in a UN report, it is not published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals, there is no productive discussion in scientific circles – except that a few professors have already criticized (see the chapter Criticism of Simon Michaux’s study) and pointed out fundamental errors in calculations, gross generalizations, overestimation of numbers, and omissions of many parts of the equation.

With the whole picture in mind, you will know where it comes from, what will be talked about in future presentations and planned crowdfunding, and what is really behind the familiar terms.

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