How can I explain to you in the most accessible way possible that The Venus Project has changed its vector, not just a little bit, but nearly 180 degrees? With the fact that everything is covered by secrecy, non-disclosure agreements, and for the past 6-8 years there has been little to no news, explanations, updates, or interaction with the public, or even with key volunteers and longtime partners.

Is it that bad?

Do you still have in your minds a highly automated “utopian” world of the future, with abundance, no money, no poverty and no wars? Where there is no need to work, especially at difficult, boring and dangerous jobs, much less with your hands in the field? There is no money or its equivalents, no corruption. Everything is rational, built on science, scientific method, without pseudosciences and obscurantism? You imagine that these proposals concern the whole of humanity? And the pseudoscience and misguided views of the world are in the past? Where medicine has stepped far ahead, and traditional medicine remained only in the history books? By a self-sufficient city do you mean a huge cybernetic automated organism that provides its inhabitants with everything they need, and not an eco-village without technology with the garden plots? And everything you’ve heard from Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project so far is applicable to today’s The Venus Project organization?

Think again! What if the exact opposite were true now? How about that?

Start with The Venus Project website, which has already begun to change. Notice the bias toward the coming collapse, and see how the list of recommended books has been changed. (there is a separate chapter at the end)

But there have been no videos/podcasts or long explanation posts, right? Yes, although the course change has been worked on for years, specifically since the Covid times. People have been supporting, believing, and donating from $1 to hundreds of thousands of dollars, holding a picture in their heads that has been decades in the making, but they don’t know what The Venus Project is really doing now with Nate Dinwiddie (a philosophy graduate) at the ideological helm.

It is precisely in the concealment of a radical change of course that there is great danger, and has reputational and legal consequences. Nothing is being done to inform people of the new course, the reasons why it has been chosen, and at the same time – a whole huge crowdfunding campaign to build a city in the desert is already being planned to start in the coming days!


And again – thousands of people may contribute to the effort, simply by the fact that their picture is shaped by Jacque Fresco, not Nate Dinwiddie with Simon Michaux. What does that have to do with them? Now, you will hear these names in terms of the evolution of The Venus Project – namely the change in program, using all the old terms, including “The Venus Project,” “resource-based economy,” and so on, rewriting over new meanings, often as different as night and day, but seemingly with the same root, using separate quotes from Jacques Fresco to back them up.

The Venus Project’s website mentioned Simon Michaux, who “took a more pragmatic view of The Venus Project’s proposals” (quoted from the website) – he wrote a 1000 page study on the impossibility of switching to renewable energy sources, saying something like “we don’t have the resources to replace all cars with electric”, emphasizing the scarcity of resources. This study is published on the website of the Geological Survey of Finland, sponsored by the government. Seriously! But what is not said is that this study, more than a year into its existence, has not been confirmed in peer reviews (there have been none), has not been published in peer-reviewed journals, has not been part of a UN report on the same topic, and yet it has begun to grow in criticism. Just because it is there does not make it true. There is also plenty of directly contrary research, and by a group of professors (not one assistant professor), with peer-reviewed, cited, and included in UN reports. How does Simon get out of this situation? Should he correct his calculations? Or maybe… Blaming someone? – Bingo! It’s all the fault of the Shadow Government. A conspiracy against Simon Michaux and his associates, and against all of humanity. “They’re keeping a close eye on me and my work,” “It’s a wonder I’m still alive,” says Simon.

It is worth pointing out separately that almost everything is built up with conspiracy theories. In one of the podcasts with Simon (we’ll start with it in the Notes section), I counted more than 10 of them, and the cherry on the cake is The Venus Project’s orientation changed toward developing pseudoscientific engines and energy sources, which is explicitly stated in the organization’s new slogan. So the usual factual discussion won’t have any effect on Roxanne (the last person who can do something about The Venus Project’s new course), nor will drastic rejection help. But in any case, I hope for a public outcry and communication with Roxanne from those who have been involved for a long time, who have been the most supportive of the organization over the years, who can still have an impact on it.

Note! That’s not all. I’m missing a detailed look at The Venus Project’s second major partner, The Torium Network and its director, Jeremiah Jorsey. Although they haven’t made much of a splash yet, they are already talking about their partnership with The Venus Project, putting them on the newsletters, and The Venus Project has already reposted their Facebook post about it, and mentioned them in the partner block on the website. It would take 3 times the document, starting with the coverage of his pseudo-scientific recommendations on his personal blog (in the form of creepy types of meditation, rewriting one’s DNA, UFOs and the Mayan calendar, energy flows, spiritual leaders and network marketing gurus, chakras/auras, successful-success courses, etc.),  connection with the apocalyptic sect AllatRA (the Creative Society, in any of his blogs and websites – this is the main interview), a breakdown of crypto-monetary frauds ( supposedly linked to Torium and Gold deposits), investments, fake cheap websites and resumes, a phony oil company in Kuwait, and somehow slipped a couple of times into articles in cool publications,  and also with extracts from the registry of its organizations, where, apparently, the local resident was a wedding photographer, and the process of bankruptcy/re-creation of the same company, praising Russia and Putin in inflated by fake subscribers Telegram channel, offices in a barn to have an address in Switzerland, or an apartment building for a cool oil company, with a postal address taken from the catalog of aluminum structures. And it’s all googled and in the public domain. 

Part of my research you can find in this document and recheck it by yourselves: Jeremiah Josey | The Thorium Network | MECi Group | AAA and Sons

Aren’t that a lot of red flags for one partner? The Venus Project’s board of directors were not convinced by the detailed investigations and research. (See the chapter “The New The Venus Project’s Board of Directors” for more information as well as the Blackmail chapter in the end.)

Why are we not hearing voices that anyone is speaking out against all this?

Simply because no one is aware of it – it’s all a complete secret, and the high level of trust and associations is still the same. You may even think there’s still a movement. But things won’t be the same anymore.

(the answer to this question will decide the fate of this direction)

The list of main concerns (taken from our response in communication with TVP)

It appears The Venus Project board of directors find it easier to accuse someone of having bad motives than to respond in any meaningful way. Not a single issue raised has been answered. And the issues are as follows, I’ll highlight them – you’ll not have the actual good answers for this ones, just keep ask about this and you will see what happen:

➊ The secret work behind a veil of secrecy and non-disclosure agreements for all of the last at least 6 years. Many people still believe that you are following the program previously presented by Jacque Fresco in many speeches, books, movies. When are you going to tell them that you are not? Or then you will lose their support? Then how legitimate is it to have that support? 

➋ Failed previous crowdfunding and projects that raised money for. Including: 220k script, 104k transcription, Center of Resource Management (?k). No clear reporting and interaction with the public. And here we learn from Simon that the introduction to a whole new direction you plan to start with crowdfunding. But people have Jacque Fresco’s The Venus Project in their heads, and will give their money with the thought of that – which, is straight up misleading and fraudulent.  Also, it ruins an already blemished reputation. Just because of this, you will not get money from funds and big investors, especially the claimed 4-10 billion dollars.

➌ The main Simon Mixhaux’s study, which explains the need for change of TVP’s course, was not tested in the scientific method, reviewed, but written by an analyst as a draft, and has already received a lot of criticism from real professors and scientists in the field. A number of peer-reviewed studies directly contrary to this have already been published.

➍ Not many people know who actually runs the organization other than Roxanne herself (she wouldn’t have come up with this on her own). People with questionable backgrounds were involved in rewriting the program: philosopher, esoteric, pilot, scientist who don’t believe in official science, and all with a belief in pseudoscientific and conspiracy theories. And all this is done behind closed doors, by a very small number of people, without external double-checking.

➎ Okay, if you want to change the program dramatically, why not use a different name. All the materials refer to The Venus Project, and Jacque encourages you to learn more on the TVP website – but it’s not even close to the original program now. Why use all the same terms with a new meaning on top? It creates tremendous confusion and situations like this. How do we ensure Jacques’ legacy is truly protected, and not written only as a plan on the paper? The reality does not match the claims or expressed intentions.

➏ Instead of being based on science – now there is expressed distrust of official science, medicine, with claims to create an alternative science, the study of pseudoscientific energy sources (which has now even replaced the main slogan of the organization)

➐ Instead of advancing a bright future for all mankind, the program is now presented as a salvation for a small number of people. And the proposed way out is a network of eco-villages around the world after the apocalypse, which according to conspiracy theories on which the new program is now based, will come in 8-10 years. No end goal, no written down program, no questions answered, only the new direction – you don’t know what you are signing for and supporting now.

➑ Along with a complete lack of results – a complete neglect of the movement, and a desire to mop it up, as Nate explicitly states, and you can see it clearly in the approach to supporting and growing the movement.

➒ From the latest version of my document, you can see the blackmail by Simon Michaux and Nate Dinwiddie against me. No one can criticize the actions of the board of directors? They are not willing to listen even to influential partners like us? And the easiest way out would be to cut off cooperation with us? This was months before the document was written.  And there are quotes in there that if we don’t support a new direction – we can’t work “on mine” direction (which is the original Jacque Fresco direction), we can’t “use” and distribute Jacque Fresco’s materials. But just for a minute – we have a lot of material translated and dubbed, what amounts to thousands of hours, books, movies, a channel with 1.5 million subscribers.
So if no one is allowed to continue the course – the course is dead. And our organization is not the only one in this situation. I kept as much communication as possible with Roxanne and the board of directors, and even lived on the grounds in Venus for 2 weeks.  All the while trying to establish a constructive dialog.

But all you get are philosophical texts, demagogy built on logical fallacies or direct threats.

In conclusion:

All we want to do is keep the original direction (at least for ourselves), work on it, and take steps toward realization. That’s what The Venus Project was originally designed to do, that’s what we gathered for, and that’s why we supported the organization, but it’s not what it is now, so that’s what my document is trying to explain, to question what it’s all based on, and to give an alternative, because our team has a lot of work done in addition to promotion. For example, we worked with Jacque Fresco on a plan to build the first city. We are working directly with the big funds, the venture capitalists that Simon wanted to ask for money from, and they are already interested in the original direction that Jacque Fresco started, and they have even created an international club to exchange experience in building smart cities for this purpose, and there are real, current and planned projects participating. And we could influence these processes, and The Venus Project has been given clear guidelines on how they can participate and get funding, but nothing of this is being done. And the current actions of the directors of The Venus Project undermine these initiatives and all the efforts of thousands of people over the years, Jacque Fresco included.

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