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Now we will be directly involved in the construction of smart cities

We getting a partnership in the practical realization of a smart city / test site, as well as great opportunities! We have to start a […]

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The Venus Project is no longer has a clear proposal and plan, but rather countless options

In this interview, Nathanael Dinwiddie and Theofilos Chaldezos, the new directors of The Venus Project, admitted that The Venus Project’s vision and plans are defined […]

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All 2 companies of a key partner of The Venus Project, with whom they were planning to build a desert city in Peru, were simultaneously […]

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The Venus Project’s 1 million dollar crowdfunding for Simon Michaux!

The first interview in which Jacque Fresco’s ideas and work are in the past tense, and you can tell they’re not really doing it anymore: […]

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The first article to double-check our claims

The first investigative article to double-check our claims about The Venus Project and its new course! The author of the article has conducted his own […]

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Organizing a successful movement

Our team was formed in 2011 and at the peak there were more than 60 groups in cities in more than 8 countries, and each […]

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