The first article to double-check our claims

The first investigative article to double-check our claims about The Venus Project and its new course!

The author of the article has conducted his own investigation and provides additional arguments and evidence, correspondence with an unknown key member of the team that has shared secret snippets from upcoming presentations.

Some points from the article:

The pseudo-scientific and conspiracy theories accusations are indeed true;
The paper submitted by Simon Michaux is indeed not peer-reviewed, and his allegations of contacts “in high places”, as well as the meetings which he was supposedly was a part of, cannot be proven or backed by any sort of evidence;
The Thorium Network (which is listed under the page of TVP’s partners ) is indeed scummy, and is linked to a spiderweb of phantom companies, fake CV’s, crypto-currency scams, and a forum of scam victims from a previous venture;
The behavior of the new board of directors has been indeed abusive. And there are plenty of revealing resignation letters from the past;
The conversations that have been carried on Discord server have been nothing but pure stonewalling by Nathanael Dinwiddie, Peter, and other members of the new team;
Please note how the first step is raising a lot of money, without any guarantees to prevent it from being siphoned off.

In summary, the claims made in the ‘The Death of Jacque Fresco’s The Venus Project‘ investigation are highly likely to be true based on the presented context. These claims indicate that The Venus Project has strayed far from Fresco’s vision of a future free from politics, poverty, and war, instead descending into an apocalyptic cult led by a con-man and his followers. As a result, The Venus Project has forfeited its once significant role in human evolution and cannot be endorsed by anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of science.

The Jacque Fresco Education Network
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