Designing The Future

Designing The Future

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Stretch goal (equipment)

Our ticket to the real game: smart cities and a business trip to New York!

We were invited to the exclusive (up to 150 attendees) OXYGEN Summit event, as well as the big public expo on the smart city industry, Smart City Expo USA!

A very significant, and even historic event, where leaders of major cities, public and business representatives will discuss perspectives and sign a cooperation agreement, providing platforms and resources to bring together a variety of IT companies, startups, research centers and non-profit organizations for one big goal – the development of the smart cities field!

Coming soon: May 20-21 OXYGEN Summit, May 22-23 Smart City Expo USA, in New York.

What’s that gonna do for us?

This is our pass to the Big Game, to meet our partners, to bring you up to date on the whole thing, starting with the negotiations on the construction of a smart city with the participation of Jacque Fresco, who was still alive at the time, as well as this initiative, which appeared in part thanks to our work with you!

You will see that the world is moving in the right direction: there are those who are ready to pick up the baton. And we will be able to take part in it, having a significant impact on the whole sphere of smart-city development, which will finally give opportunities for professional development of the organization and implementation of our main plan: the evolutionary transition of humanity to a new social system and post- scarcity high-tech world described earlier by Jacque Fresco.

The Inaugural OXYGEN Summit in Liverpool, UK (July, 2023)

We’ll do a lot of live streams, shoot videos/interviews, and write articles giving you all the inspiring details. In all of this story, you will be in the front row, a direct participant in the events.

Crowdfunding for this opportunity

If you have the opportunity to support us by covering even a small portion of the costs – now is the time!
Budget for the WHOLE trip: $2,000

Stretch goal

DJI Osmo Pocket 3 Creator Combo: $670
It’s the only way to capture high-quality footage on the fly, to capture many random moments and inserts in the video without being distracted by equipment and at the same time building bridges and communicating with participants.

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Revolut / Apple Pay – Transfer from any card around the world. Subscription option available via Revolut app (referral link)

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USDT (TRC-20): TCkYv447jhfjsRKwAdkmau1qLn5g8YY8Td